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“The Shape of Emotions” In this workshop, students will be led through a step by step process to create an accurate likeness of the model.  Constance  will create a demo and guide students through individual instruction in creating their works.  We will examine how emotions are conveyed through the subtle shaping of the facial features. Topics will include the anatomy of the head, structure of facial features, the power of visual measuring, modeling methods, tools and materials.  Clay and an armature are provided. All levels are welcome, beginners, intermediate and advanced. A wooden box will be made to safely transport the sculpture home. $750 plus a share of the model fee.


In this workshop, Teresa will teach and
demonstrate how to paint the humanist portrait in oils. Her approach utilizes classical methods of the Baroque and nineteenth century, blended with a modern understanding of colour, brushwork and aesthetics.  The model will be in costume, surrounded by still life. Teresa will demonstrate her methods and guide you through your own layering and texture process when constructing your portrait. Emphasis will be placed on constructing a proportionate head using anatomy, value, colour and brushwork to create various edge and blending effects. Glazing and Impasto techniques will be used. Teresa Oaxaca is an American born artist based currently in Washington D.C. She is a full time painter whose works can be seen in collections and galleries throughout the US and internationally. She teaches workshops around the United States

​Leroy Transfield “Gestures In Clay”. Leroy is a native of New Zealand, currently living and working in Utah.  We are thrilled that he will be sharing his process of creating his ethereal sculptures with us! His Instagram page, #Leroy.Transfield, overflows with one breathtaking vision after another. Students will work from the live model, creating small relief sculptures in the morning and freestanding ones in the afternoon. Leroy will guide us in creating the sculptures so that they may be fired in a kiln at a later date. Clay and armatures will be provided and the model fee is included. Students will go home with 3-4 sculptures. 

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Gerard is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art Painting Department and currently a Principle Instructor at the Barcelona Academy of Fine Art where he teaches painting, drawing.  He also teaches workshops in portrait and landscape.  His work has been widely acclaimed for his blending of masterful skill at achieving a likeness while infusing depth, sensitivity and personal impression of his subjects. 
In this workshop, Gerard will guide students through the process of achieving a likeness of the model while exploring a wide variety of ways to interpret and express their impression of the model in mood, form and atmosphere. He will teach from an demo and through individual guidance.  Form, structure, composition, lighting and materials will be explored in depth. This class is limited to 10 students. All levels are most welcome; beginner, intermediate and advanced. No experience is necessary. The fee is $900 plus a share of the model fee. 

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Eudald de Juana studied sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art before returning to his home in Navata, Spain where he opened his own studio. Eudald travels the workshop teaching workshops to artists who are eager to connect with his innovative and inventive approach to the contemporary realist movement.  In his work, he seamlessly fuses his masterful skill with imaginary realms where anatomy and fantasy become one. In this workshop, Eudald  will lead students through the step by step process of creating a likeness to the model in water based clay.  Through demonstration, discussion and individual guidance, he will share his methods, tools, techniques in bringing his sculptures to fruition and engage students in exploring their own concepts of infusing their sculptures with their personal impressions.  The fee includes water based clay and an armature to take home. At the end of the workshop, a custom wooden box will be constructed around the armature with handles to make is safe for traveling home. This class is limited to 12 students. No experience is necessary to take part in the class. All levels are most welcome.; beginner, intermediate and advanced.


Fee $1300 plus a share of the model fee