Stephen Perkins Expressive Hands and Feet Sculpture Workshop

Do you avoid, rather than embrace including hands and feet in your figurative sculptures? You are not alone! 
In this 4 day workshop, Stephen Perkins will guide the way as students dive into the intimidating realm of rendering hands and feet in clay. 

Long an obstacle in artists’ attempts in figurative art, the focus of this workshop will be to empower the sculptor to embrace rather than shy away from these exquisite, enigmatic, yet endlessly expressive  forms. 

Students will work from the live model creating multiple sculptures of hands and feet in both life size and half life size! 

Anatomy, proportion and gesture will be addressed.  This workshop is appropriate for anyone wanting to draw, paint or sculpt the human form and is open to all levels, including beginners.

Dates: March 17-20, 2024
Hours: 9am-4pm with a one hour break mid day for lunch
Fee: $850
Fee includes Model, clay, armatures

Supply list: a few wooden sculpture tools

The Robert Bodem Figure Sculpture Workshop, May 27th-June 7th is going to be epic! 

This will be Rob’s only two-week figure workshop in the United States in 2024.

We work from the live model from 9-12am, one hour break for lunch, then 1-4 pm. There will be 10 days of instruction.

The weekend in between will be great for exploring all that Richmond has to offer in the spring, historic plantations, glorious parks, the mighty James River, or just strolling the lovely historic streets. 

We will work on a custom-made half-life  (@32”) armature in water-based clay.

We will focus on one standing pose throughout the two weeks.  Rob will be doing a lot of demonstration as well as individual interaction. He’s a very  generous  and approacable instructor. He will be bringing copies of his new book as well! 

The $2,095 fee includes the clay, model fee, custom-made half-life armature and a custom-made box for shipping your sculpture home safely.

Leroy Transfield “Gestures In Clay”. Leroy is a native of New Zealand, currently living and working in Utah.  We are thrilled that he will be sharing his process of creating his ethereal sculptures with us! His Instagram page, #Leroy.Transfield, overflows with one breathtaking vision after another. Students will work from the live model, creating small relief sculptures in the morning and freestanding ones in the afternoon. Leroy will guide us in creating the sculptures so that they may be fired in a kiln at a later date. Clay and armatures will be provided, and we will provide shipping materials and even build custom shipping containers as needed to get your sculpture home safely.


​6/17-6/23 2024

Cost: $1500

Join ARC Living Master Artist Tina Garrett at Manchester Studios in charming Richmond, Virginia for a special 7 Day, two-in-one combination workshop! Flesh Tones and Secrets To Painting Children from Life and Photos is a comprehensive study of oil painting children and understanding on how to paint flesh in multiple lighting scenarios including candle light, moonlight, underwater and more. Students will learn how to take photos and videos of children in their own life to use as references for this workshop, and reference images will be provided for those who need them. Students will learn the specific understandings needed to paint believable portraits of children from both life and photos. If your paintings of children look static, stiff and older than they really are, or if your flesh tones are dead looking, or you simply can’t figure out how NOT to copy your photo references, this is the workshop for you. Students will learn how to learn the tools it takes to know what not to paint in their photo references, how to make luscious edges, how to create a likeness in portraiture, create accurate color and control the palette and above all, transcend the photo and create a work of art.


Constance Ramsey Bowden Portrait Sculpture Workshop

“Unmasking the Soul”

In his book, The Mechanisms  of Human Facial Expression, 19th century french neurologist Guillaume Duchenne held that facial expression  is the gateway to the human soul. Profound, illusive  and endlessly enigmatic, a single facial expression has more power to evoke an involuntary emotional response in us that mere words could ever say. As artists, we strive to explore these depths of human experience. To do this, we need both heart, will and skill. 

In this 5 day Portrait Sculpture Workshop Constance Bowden will lead students through a step by step process of creating a  likeness to the live model.  Through demonstration, presentations and individual guidance, students will be empowered through learning an array of visual measuring tools, invaluable fir creating accuracy in sculpting the human face. Anatomy, proportion and expression will be explored. 

Dates: April 14- April 18, 2024
Hours: 9am to 4pm with one hour break at mid day for lunch
Fee: $900
Fee includes Model, clay, armature and a custom made box to help sculpture get home safely
Number of Students Limited to 8

Supplies: a few wooden tools, a small mirror, a simple 3”putty knife

Figure Sculpting Workshop with Constance Ramsey Bowden

MARCH 3-7, 2024

Constance Ramsey Bowden will teach a five-day figure sculpture workshop at Manchester Studios RVA, 1300 West Main Street, Richmond, Va , 23220, USA  , from March 3-7, 2023. 

Students will work from the live model in water-based clay for 5 hours each day. Students will be guided through a step-by-step process to achieve a a likeness of the model. The process includes presentation, demonstration, and individual guidance to achieve accurate  observation of anatomy, proportion and gesture. 

To increase the level of accuracy in their figure sculpting, students  will do quick, simple, drawing and sculpting exercises, utilizing the Sight Size Method of visual measuring.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels including beginners. 

The workshop will run from 9 AM to 4 PM daily with an hour for lunch break. The maximum of eight students ensure personalized attention. 

Fee: $850

Fee covers model, clay and armature

Supply List :Cotton T-Shirt, dry cleaner bag, putty knife, small hand mirror, a few wooden sculpting tools

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