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Dear Constance and Tom,

Once again you out did yourselves in providing all of us an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as artists.  Your generous hospitality makes my going to Richmond feel like returning home.  I miss you and the art community so much.

Robert was a masterful teacher.  I appreciate his easy but, intense way of helping each student achieve the excellence they were striving for.  I left the workshop wanting more.  More time, more instruction and more opportunities to see and use my new tools and skills to become a better artist and sculptor.

Constance, you were masterful in how you created a new community.  Every year I have attended your workshops I have fallen in love with those who were working around me.  Last week you brought together an eccentric and eclectic group of people who all added in their own way to create a delightful group experience.  Constance, I took great delight in watching you mother us all and making sure everyone was fed, snacked, caffeined  and welcomed.  Without a doubt learning from Robert was a wonderful opportunity.  However, Constance, your hospitable, kind and compassionate spirit made the workshop an exceptional experience.  

Cheers to all who participated and because of each of you my life is much richer!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace to You All,