Simone Olivia Moritz

Simone Olivia Moritz was born in Prien am Chiemssee, Germany in 1985. In 2006 she enrolled at the Florence Academy of Art to deepen her studies and achieve the tools needed to express herself as an artist. She has been teaching at the Academy for several years and is Director for the Intensive Drawing program in Sculpture. Enriched by the international and creative environment, as well as by the beauty and history of Italy she enjoys living and working in Florence.

Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins is a classically trained sculptor, painter and draughtsman. His work is steeped in the timeless art and techniques of the past and the most current and advanced methods of today. With that, the message of the work is geared to today’s life and issues. From evocative figures in sculpture and painting to statements on the experience of life in our time, Stephen’s art attempts to address these topics.

Thor Larsen

Thor Larsen, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art and owner of a thriving sculpture studio in Florence where he produces fine works of realistic figurative sculpture and shares his talents through his skillfully taught sculpture workshops.

Charlie Mostow

Charlie is a classically trained sculptor who lives and works in New York. He is the Sculptor in Residence at the Grand Central Atelier and is currently accepting commissions.

Charlie is a 2017 Fellow in the Clark Hulings Fund’s Business Accelerator Program. 

Charlie has been the recipient of a First Place Scholarship award to the Grand Central Atelier and a Student Scholarship from the Art Renewal Center. He is a member in the Junior Scholarship Group at the Salmagundi Club and a member of the Institute of Classical Art and Architecture. 

You can reach Charlie directly at or (206) 245-8263

Jessica Leigh Artman

Jessica currently lives and works as a figurative artist is New York City. She received her BFA from Florida Southern College in 2006, an MFA from The National University of Ireland, Galway in 2010, and recently completed her 4 year Certificate of Classical drawing and painting from The Grand Central Atelier under Jacob Collins.  

Outside her formal education with Grand Central Atelier she has also studied through the Royal College of Art, London (2010), is a Hudson River Fellow, and a copyist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.  

Dedicated to arts education, Jessica has spent many years teaching others by developing their observational skills through drawing and painting from life.  Alongside developing her own work as a Resident Artist and instructor at The Grand Central Atelier and through independent workshops.   

Beginning the Fall of 2017, Jessica will be a full time instructor with the Paris Academy of Art

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Tanvi Pathare
Born and raised in Mumbai, India,Tanvi Pathare showed a growing interest in Fine Arts since a very early age. Encouraged by family, she began her art education at the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts (Painting) with outstanding grades, topping the University. Allured by the Realistic tradition of painting from nature, Tanvi applied and was Accepted At the Florence Academy Of Art, Florence, Italy (FAA). Here she was honored By the Best Painting Of the Year from the Intermediate Studio of the School among other awards. She taught in the Academy in their Sculpture Drawing Studio. She was awarded for her Outstanding Performance in Art in her final academic year. Tanvi presently works in a studio space in Florence while continuing to be an instructor in the Academy’s Drawing and Painting Program.