Angela Cunningham

Angela Cunningham (b. 1977) grew up in the Bay Area of California. She studied at various art colleges eventually receiving her BFA in Drawing and Painting with a minor in sculpture from Laguna College of Art and Design. After teaching in California at LCAD and Saddleback College from 2005-2007, Angela pursued her passion for the classical techniques of drawing and painting under the mentorship of Jacob Collins at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York City. She graduated GCA in 2010. She now teaches privately at her own studio in Asheville, North Carolina. She also teaches workshops at various studios nationwide. Angela is a recipient of various awards including the Morris and Alma Schapiro Achievement Award, Art Renewal Center First Place Scholarship Award, the Alfred Ross Achievement Award and more.

Zoe Dufour

As an artist, Zoe Duour (b. 1990, Thailand) explores the beauty and design of nature through the study of the human form. She strives to balance the strengths of the left and right brain creating both accurate and emotional work that resonate with humanistic ideals and universal themes.
Ms. Dufour studied at the Grand Central Atelier, the Douglass and Sturgess Casting Company, the Ashland Art Academy, the California College of the Arts Summer Intensive, and also studied with artists Gerald Heffernon and Rita Alverez. She was also the recipient of a Hudson River Fellowship.
Zoe recently won 1stplace in The National Sculpture Society's Portrait Sketch Competition for the second time (2016, 2018), and has also taken top prizes in the Representational Sculpture, American Art Awards (2017) and the Grand Central Atelier Figure Sculpture Competition (2015)

Ms. Dufour heads the Sculpture Program at Grand Central Atelier, and a studio sculptor at Studio EIS. 

Robert Bodem

Robert Bodem is the founder of the Florence Academy of Art Sculpture Department and was its director until opening the Athens Atelier in Athens, Greece, in 2018.  Mar. Bodem is the author of Drawing in Space.

Marusia Nita

Marusia Nita is a figurative sculptor, originally from Romania, now living and working in Florence, Italy. Currently, she is teaching sculpture and anatomy for the ICACEA workshop at the Florence Academy of Art. The focus of her work is capturing the life and beauty of the human form through the use of rhythm, design and composition. 

Gerard Castevelli Gasco

Gerard Castellví was born in 1986 in Montblanc,Tarragona (Spain). He is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art and Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. He is currently Head of the Intermediate Program and Principal Instructor of the Barcelona Academy of Art. Gerard ives and works in Barcelona. His work is part of the permanent collection of the MEAM, The European Museum of Modern Art after being selected in the international competition Figurativas’15.

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Eudald de Juana Gorriz

Eudald de Juana Gorriz was born in 1988 to a family of sculptors in a small town close to Girona (Spain), where , surrounded by an artistic and natural environment , he learned the trade and developed a deep interest for art. Studying for a Bachelor of art in Figueres (Girona ) enabled Eudald to focus on learning drawing as a tool to study the world that surrounds us .



Cornelia Hernes

Since Cornelia began painting with oil in her late teens, she has been particularly interested in how to create an atmosphere and a story through rendering emotion and expression using a realist approach. Her interests within painting have expanded with time to include the serenity of still-lives, the intimacy of interiors and the archetypical power of mythological themes. Cornelia enjoys painting images that are open to personal interpretations, as well as meditative paintings that celebrate the boundless beauty of nature and life.

Cornelia achieved a Bachelors of Fine Arts from The University of Victoria, B.C, Canada in 2003. In the summer months of 2002-2004 she studied with Odd Nerdrum in Norway. Following her BFA degree, she pursued a classical realist training at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, where she graduated in 2007. While a student at the FAA she began teaching and became a Principal Instructor after graduation. She taught at the Florence Academy of Art in Sweden from 2010-2016 and recently moved to the US where she is currently teaching at The Florence Academy of Art at Mana Contemporary.


Carl Sandvold

A native of Oslo, Norway, Carl-Martin Sandvold is a classically trained master artist in drawing, painting, and sculpture, equally accomplished in all three. He is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art and has studied at the Grand Central Academy in New York and National Academy of Art, also in New York.

Rick Casali   

A figurative artist based in Maryland, Rick Casali’s (b. 1984) work expresses his appreciation for nature and his love of the figure. Whether painting one's portrait in oils or sculpting the figure in clay, Casali keeps his artistic principles streamlined: “It is the honest study of nature that leads one to beauty," says Casali. "I'm striving to capture the essence of what is happening…a certain color harmony in the landscape or the spirit of a person in the portrait." His style embraces classicism, Impressionism, and elements of modern design, aiming to fuse the timeless geometry of the Greeks with a fresh Impressionistic vision of reality.

After graduating from St. Mary’s High School in Annapolis in 2002, Rick attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. From 2004 to 2007, he maintained a close apprenticeship with renowned portrait artists Cedric and Joanette Egeli at their farm in Edgewater, Maryland. It was John Ebersberger who introduced Rick to the Egelis, and Rick credits John for opening his eyes to color and developing a command of drawing the portrait and figure. Casali has also studied extensively with sculptor Stephen Perkins, an expert in human construction and anatomy. Additional mentors include colorist George T. Thurmond and portrait artist Michael Shane Neal.